ALERT: Veterans Day fundraiser in our gift shop--all sales benefit the USO on Veteran's Day.
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Tiki Kon is the Pacific Northwest's
Polynesian-Pop Extravaganza

Thank you for joining us for a weekend of Tiki-themed music, art and fashion, to celebrate the early years of the USO, the end of WWII, and the return of our brave servicemen and women from the Pacific Theater. Their stories and souvenirs fed the Polynesian-pop movement that overtook America in the decades after the war. 

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the USO, we entertained the Tiki troops th a rollicking camp show, plus the usual assortment of surf and lounge bands, vending in our Island Marketplace, symposiums, riverside banquet, tropical drinks, and the longest-running home bar tour of its kind.

Tiki Kon Supports the USO!

Proceeds from Tiki Kon merchandise and raffle ticket sales will be donated to the USO in honor of 75 years supporting America’s service members and their loved ones. Your support counts! Please also consider making a donation directly to the USO through our fundraiser page.

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Join us next summer for
Tiki Kon: Carribean Castaway!

Dates to be announced soon.

Sale and Veteran's Day Fundraiser in our Gift Shop
Thurs Nov 10 6pm — Sat Nov 12 6pm

We've raised over $2,500 for USO Northwest, and we want to top it off with one last fundraiser. 100% of all purchases made on Veteran's Day will be added to our donation. It's a great way to support the troops and snag some great vintage-themed bar ware, shirts and accessories. Reduced prices and free shipping on all orders!


News & Updates



6/23/2016 — The awards won by the Insanitizers for their original recordings is a reason they are "The Segovias of Surf Guitar." So is the exceptional beauty of their tones.

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SPECIAL GUEST: Tana the Tattooed Lady

6/23/2016 — Tana the Tattooed Lady is a singing, dancing, one-woman-arts-district. Read More »

SPECIAL GUEST: MeduSirena Marina

6/23/2016 — Specializing in unique retro-aquatic pool and underwater dance performances...Polynesian Pop, Middle Eastern, Asian flavored swim and stunt dances, with touches of vaudeville and stage theatre. Read More »

PERFORMER SPOTLIGHT: The Jenny Finn Orchestra

6/23/2016 — Vintage danceable swing jazz with a unique blend of sophisticated vocals, archtop and gypsy guitars supported by upright bass. Read More »

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