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Tiki Kon 2019 Yearbook

The Tiki Kon 2019 Yearbook is 64 full-color pages of memories, friends and fun captured at Tiki Kon: Pageant of the Pacific. Created by Caledonia Bergeron, Chief Editor on the Tiki Kon yearbook staff, it's a delightful look back at the event through photos of local and honorary members of our Portland ohana, taken by members of our ohana. There's a good chance you're in there somewhere!

This is a pilot project by Caledonia, so only a limited number were created for this year. If there's enough interest, we can order more and consider making the 2020 edition available for pre-order next year.

Photography by Sveinn Photography and members of the community.

Price includes shipping by USPS from Oregon.

How to Order

Please contact Caledonia Bergeron to order.