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At-Home Aloha

If you're feeling a little blue because all your favorite Tiki weekenders have been cancelled this year, we can help with a little "At-Home Aloha." We've assembled a collection of resources related to Tiki Kon: Eye of the Tiki, also known as "the Tiki Kon that never happened," that you can use to create your own mini-Kon at home.


Teva Oriata at Tiki Kon 2019


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YouTube Playlist

A playlist of videos by every performer in the cancelled 2020 lineup. This playlist was cobbled together with whatever we could find, but we managed to find a clip of every performer in our lineup.

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Tiki Kon Channel

A few videos we've posted from past years, plus past episodes of the Greg & Justin Show. We've been super busy, so please be patient as we work on uploading more content.

Tiki Kon 2020 Posters

Bosko & the Rebirth of Tiki

Rent or buy the new, extended version of the documentary. We screened the shorter festival version last year, now watch the full-length film.

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Tiki Fashion

One of the best parts of Tiki Kon is seeing all the colorful aloha wear our guests bring, and most of them sport multiple outfits each day. We can't meet in person, but we can still admire all the great outfits in the Aloha Friday Challenge. Use the links below to search the #alohafridaychallenge hashtags on Facebook and Instagram and see what everyone's wearing this year.

#alohafridaychallenge on Facebook »
#alohafridaychallenge on Instagram »


Vendors selling vintage aloha wear at Tiki Kon.

Vendors Marketplace

Nearly all of our 2020 vendors have online shops or products you can browse on social media, and many of them are hungry for shoppers right now due to all the summer shows being cancelled.


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Eye of the Tiki Souvenirs

Even though the event was cancelled, you can still get Eye of the Tiki mugs and pins by VanTiki. Normally our exclusive souvenirs must be picked up in person at Tiki Kon, but this year we're offering shipping to the U.S. and Canada, or you can make an appointment for local pickup in Portland. AVAILABLE IN MID-LATE JULY.

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SOLD OUT: Limited Edition Mug

The official 2020 mug by VanTiki has two different faces—one is smooth and shiny, with its eye open to the future. The other face is sculpted like weathered wood. If you order two, you can place them side by side to form a complete tiki face.

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SOLD OUT: Limited Edition Pin

This limited edition, numbered enamel pin by VanTiki features both sides of Tiki, the old and the new, as represented by the "Open Eye" side and the "Closed Eye" side. It's a collectible souvenir of "the Tiki Kon that never happened." And the eye glows in the dark!

Tiki Kon 2020 Posters

Posters (Open Eye / Closed Eye)

The old and the new of Tiki are reflected in this matched set of 2020 posters, with performer credits for the show that never happened. Available as a free digital download you can print yourself, or order prints through Zazzle.




We've gone through the archives and revived some of our favorite cocktail recipes from Tiki Kon's past. These are all original recipes or original adaptations and were all served at the event.

Eye of the Storm

Created by Mindy Kucan for Eye of the Tiki, it's the official cocktail of "the Tiki Kon that never happened." A delicious and refreshing take on an Eastern Sour.

Tailfin Sling

A cherry whiskey variation of the Singapore Sling, originally served on the Sunday Home Bar Tour in 2013, at Cadillac Corner.

Beach Binge

Rum, orange, and ginger are the main flavors in this refreshing summer cocktail created for the Satan's Pilgrims show.

Happy Traveler

Join us on a jet-set vacation from the comfort of your own mug with the signature cocktail of Tiki Kon Air.

V for Victory

Our take on Three Dots and a Dash originally created by Don the Beachcomber to commemorate the Allied victory in WWII.

Wine Tai

If you're not a fan of rum or just want something lighter for day drinking, the Wine Tai has the flavors of the classic without the danger.


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We have a big banquet every year, some of the best food we served was on the home bar tour by our caterer Kim Mahan of Class Cooking. She's since moved into a different, less stressful role with us, but we've posted several of her recipes below. Explore the Class Cooking website for more great recipes, restaurant reviews, and information about hands-on, small-group cooking classes.

Kalua Pork

Crock pot Kalua pork is super easy but needs a lot of time over low heat, so plan ahead!

Katsu Chicken

Class Cooking does it again with another fabulous dish you might find at your favorite tiki bar.

Hawaiian Mac Salad

This recipe from Class Cooking is legit. It's still our favorite, even after visiting the islands.


Served at Tiki Kon: Fantasy Island (2018) and featured in this video, Fonduloa is a great side dish for your next luau.