Cancellation FAQs

With Tiki Kon called off, we know you've got questions. And we've got answers!

Q: It's just the flu. Why are you cancelling Tiki Kon?

First of all, just stop right there. It's quite clear it's more than "just the flu," and we have a low tolerance for willful ignorance or anti-science theories. Regardless, Gov. Kate Brown announced her coronavirus plan on May 7, which prohibits all gatherings, including conferences, through September and possibly longer. We couldn't have Tiki Kon this summer even if we wanted to.

Q: Why not reschedule for later in the year?

We don't believe it will be feasible or worthwhile to postpone to a later date in 2020. Tropical-themed events in the fall or early winter might work in places like Arizona or Palm Springs, but Oregon is typically cold and wet. Nobody wants to sip Mai Tais in the rain by a pool that's closed. And based on how things are going, and how many people are intent on stretching out the pandemic by not taking it seriously, we're not convinced large gatherings will be even possible or ethical by fall. We want to spread aloha, not the virus.

Q: So Tiki Kon 2020 isn't happening. What happens to the weekend passes I already bought?

All weekend pass buyers have the option of requesting a refund or keeping them for next year. We'll send an email asking your preference. If you do not respond, we will assume you want to keep them. The single best way you can support Tiki Kon at this time is to keep your passes and mug orders.

Q: How long will it take to get a refund?

If you request a refund within 90 days of your original purchase, we can reverse the payment directly to your credit card. Electronic refunds can take up to a week for the funds to be credited to your account. After 90 days, we have have to mail you a check or send the funds some other way, due to the policies of our payment gateway. If many people request refunds at once, it may take longer. We're just a couple of guys dealing with this from our kitchen table, and each refund has to be processed manually, so please be patient.

Q: What about my Eye of the Tiki mug(s)?

Production had already begun on the mugs before the pandemic shut everything down, so they're still coming! You may request a refund, or pay to have your mug shipped. You may also choose to pick it up this summer at Tiki Kon HQ in Portland or next year at the event. When you tell us whether you want to cancel or keep your passes, you can also tell us what to do with your mug.

Later in the summer, once all of the weekend pass holders have a chance to get one, we will be offering the mugs to the general public with shipping options. We will also have limited-edition, numbered Eye of the Tiki pins. As a souvenir for "the Tiki Kon that never happened," we think the mugs and pins will be highly collectible. This may be your only chance to get them. It's doubtful we'll have any left to sell next year.

Due to social distancing and supply chain issues, our big mug order may be slightly delayed, but we are still hoping to receive it before July 31st. We will send shipping and pickup info to all buyers once we have the mugs in hand.

Q: What about other merchandise pre-orders?

Aside from the mug and the limited edition enamel pin, all other merchandise orders will be cancelled and refunded. There is an outside chance we may produce other items later in the year, such as a super-limited edition mug, Mai Tai glasses, or additional pins, depending on our budget and whether we can get them made.

Q: Do I need to re-book my hotel room again next year, or will the reservation carry over?

All hotel reservations made using the Tiki Kon rate code will be automatically cancelled starting May 12, so you will need to make a new reservatio next year. We release room bookings every year on March 15.

Q: I know tickets and hotel can be cancelled, but what about my airfare?

We have no control over flight reservations, but airlines seem to be pretty lenient about rescheduling tickets these days. You will need to contact your airline directly.

Q: What if I keep my tickets for next year, but then my travel plans change later, and I can't attend?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds until 7 days before Tiki Kon, and that's now extended to June 25, 2021. Hotel reservations made next March can also be cancelled without penalty a week before your arrival date.

Q: Will Tiki Kon survive?

YES, absolutely! Luckily realized we were going to have to cancel before investing much of this year's budget, so we are in good shape. Tiki Kon will be back next year bigger and stronger than ever!

Q: Will you host a virtual Tiki Kon this summer?

No, not really. Honestly, we're going to enjoy a summer off and work on some home projects that got put on the back burner when we took over Tiki Kon 7+ years ago and don't want to spend a lot of time doing something online that might end up just being disappointing. We will be trying to bring you a bunch of Tiki related content this summer though, including weekly installments of The Greg & Justin Show, videos of our performers and presenters, and more. We'll definitely be keeping the tiki torch burning all year!

Q: How can I help?

We've got an amazing Tiki ohana here in the PNW and we sincerely appreciate all the offers to help. Right now the single best thing you can do is to keep your weekend passes and mugs and not request a refund. This will help us cover a few minor cancellation expenses and let us put deposits down for next year.

Another good way to help is to support our vendors, artists, performers, and sponsors. Many of them are hurting worse than we are, due to all the show cancellations this summer.