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Photo credit: Kamala Kingsley Photography

Hospitality Coordinator

Each year Tiki Kon invites performers and presenters from around the country to entertain and inform our guests. We want to make sure their experience at our event is easy, pleasant, and enjoyable. The Hospitality Coordinator serves as a welcome committee, handler, and helper for our top tier special guests.

The Hospitality Coordinator reports to the Executive Producers. This is not a full-rank coordinator position, but attendance and input at coordinator meetings is encouraged.

  • Provide welcome and orientation for performers and presenters, and makes sure they know where to be and when
  • Create VIP gift baskets¬†to be placed in guest rooms
  • Answer questions, give directions
  • Organize meet-ups and photo opportunities


  • Have own vehicle for transporting artworks to/from Tiki Kon
  • Must be available Friday through Sunday of Tiki Kon weekend, all day


  • This is a volunteer position


  • Coordinator-level access to most areas of Tiki Kon (basically a backstage pass)
  • Invitation to coordinator meetings, volunteer meet-ups, and cast parties