The Wanna Be-52s perform at Tiki Kon, 2017. Photo credit: Kamala Kingsley

Performers and Presenters

We're proud to present a stellar lineup of talent from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Performers and presenters are displayed in alphabetical order.



From 1963 to 1976 my family moved four times, but always in the same area: Just off of Rosemead Blvd in Southern California's San Gabriel valley. From the back seat of my parents 64 Impala, I was amazed by the nightly drive past all of the mid-century Architectural landmarks; by day, peddling my bike, it seemed quite natural to see huge Tiki Gods, waterfalls, and volcanoes in front of A-frames.

Film // Bosko and the Rebirth of Tiki (extended version)

Martin Cate

San Francisco, CA

Martin Cate is a rum and exotic cocktail expert and the owner and creator of Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco. Smuggler’s Cove features the largest rum selection in the United States and features cocktails from over three centuries of rum history. The Sunday Times of London called Smuggler’s Cove one of the 50 Greatest Bars on Earth.

Special // Rum Tasting with Martin Cate

Colonel Tiki

Portland, OR

Craig 'Colonel Tiki' Hermann is a founding alumnus of Tiki Kon and has been involved in the Polynesian Pop Revival since the turn of the Millennium. His recipes have been included in Jeff 'Beachbum' Berry's "Remixed," "Mixology" magazine, as well as being featured at Thatch Tiki bar, Forbidden Island, Teardrop Lounge's "Tiki Tuesday," and on the Tiki Kon Home Bar Tour. Craig is also involved in tiki art, home bar décor and construction, lighting, and effects.

TALK // Tiki Drinks Demystified: Tropical Mixology is for all Ohana

The Ding Dong Devils

Los Angeles, CA

The Ding Dong Devils create a wild hybrid musical cocktail by taking a base of Tiki, exotica and Polynesian pop, then mixing it with dashes of fuzzy 60’s garage rock, amped-up rockabilly, tremolo-laden surf, and even the greasy bump and grind music that was used to accompany burlesque performers. As a festive garnish, they add eccentric stereo arrangements of 50s and 60s hi-fi records, featuring instruments such as steel and baritone guitar, xylophone and ukelele.

Saturday Night Gala Show

Frankie & the Pool Boys

San Francisco, CA

Frankie and the Pool Boys have become one of the most respected and well known bands of Surf Music’s “Third Wave”. The summer of 2018 will be their busiest ever with the release of their third album, a 7” single, a European tour, headlining the first night of the Surfer Joe Festival in Italy, and featured performances at the SurfGuitar 101 Con in Anaheim, CA and the Asbury Park Surf Music Festival in New Jersey.

Friday Surf & Turf Show

Damien Montanile

Anaheim, CA

If there ever was a passionate person with lifelong pursuit to learn all that life has to offer, Damien fits that description whole-heartedly.

TALK // Destination Unknown: Using Immersive Effects and Storylines to Enhance Your Personal Paradise

The Starella Sisters

Portland, OR

A vintage troupe of glamour girls that reference a glamorous bygone era when the silver screen overflowed with dancing darlings. The Starella Sisters will be performing dance numbers during the Saturday Night Gala Show.

Saturday Night Gala Show

Surfer Joe

Livorno, Italy

The International Surf Music Ambassador

Surfer Joe has been involved in the surf music scene since the middle of the ‘90s, building up his name worldwide as musician and organiser of events. By currently playing more than a hundred concerts a year around the world, Surfer Joe is the most active artist in modern surf music. He has participated in most surf related events and he is mentioned or interviewed in books and movies.

Friday Surf & Turf Show

Teva Oriata

Portland, OR

Teva is the name of the Tahitian chief foretold to be born in rain and wind. Whereever Teva went, so did the wind and the rain. Thus, the same applies to Oregon's only Tahitian dance troupe and it's dancers; we are the Tevas, people of the calming and graceful rain yet strong and moving wind.

Teva Oriata is Portland's only authentic Tahitian dance studio, and award winning hula wahine at the 2017 Hapa Haole Hula Competition.

Kon-Tiki Luau Dinner and Show

Tiki Lindy

"Tiki Lindy" started cooking when she was only 6 years old, where she grew up in the South. Always exhibiting passion for quality and exploration of culture through food, her career and interests led her to the San Francisco bay area. She earned her way through college, earning her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, with a variety of jobs, including running her own catering company and bartending. This led her to private events bartending and creating custom event cocktails for high end clientele, wh

TALK // There's No Rum in it? A Primer on the Unsung Spirits of Tiki

The Tikigraphs

Seattle, WA

Grab a Mai Tai and drink in the Exotica lounge of The Tikigraphs! Based in Seattle, The Tikigraphs carry-on the tradition of Exotica today with their multi-instrumental, mid-century inspired original tunes and covers.

Saturday Night Gala Show

The Wanna Be-52s

Portland, OR

Back by popular demand, and finally in the full-length headline slot they deserve!

Portland’s best party band, The Wanna Be-52’s are a tribute to the B-52's specializing in earlier material and deeper cuts, but expanding all the time.

Friday Surf & Turf Show

DJ Web of Sound

Portland, OR

Friday Surf & Turf Show