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Dr. Bill Clapp

Bill and his wife Carol grew up in San Diego and moved to Utah for 40 years. They recently moved to Cocoa, Florida, in celebration of their 50 years of marriage. They had three wonderful children...and that even includes Greg. Dr. Bill Clapp is a retired Air Force Reserve Colonel and was a senior research scientist for Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). As a reservist, he was activated four times to serve as a student at Naval War College and then recruited to teach two years at Air War College. Nearing retirement, he was again activated to serve as the deputy director of the Human Effectiveness Directorate at AFRL. Bill is also a retired Weber State University electrical engineering professor and served as the chair for 12 years. Bill is a Viet Nam veteran and has stories that go back almost as far as the "Clippermania" era.

Col William Clapp

Cocoa, FL