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Kevin Crossman

Kevin Crossman is a blogger and cocktail enthusiast who's been on the Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai since 1998. He’s been a regular contributor to Exotica Moderne magazine, including feature articles, photographs, and cocktail recipes. You can learn more about rum, cocktails, and Mai Tais at,

The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai started when the original website launched in 1998. The site received review submissions from Mai Tai fans globally and also featured essays and interviews. The site ceased operation a few years later and Kevin followed other pursuits including hosting several acclaimed podcasts including That's What She Said about NBC's The Office.

Years later, Kevin's interest in cocktails and rum returned. Shortly thereafter the Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai was reborn as an Instagram account and later a website and blog. Today you can find daily updates, rum reviews, travel guides, essays, and tiki bar ratings on Kevin's website. You might have seen Kevin on the Tiki with Ray show on YouTube or heard him interviewed on The Rumcast podcast.

A rum enthusiast, Kevin has completed The Kon-Tiki Expedition rum list and the Forbidden Island Kill Devil Club 1.0 and 2.0 rum lists. He is also a Guardian of the Cove in the Rumbustion Society at Smuggler’s Cove.

“Kevin knows his stuff. He’s being doing this since the 1990s.” – Jeff “Beachbum” Berry