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Sunset Serenade: A Night of Exotica

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Attention S.S. Tiki Kon passengers! This is your captain speaking. Please join us in the main show room for our big gala show, "Sunset Serenade: A Night of Exotica." This will be the historic last main stage show before Tiki Kon sails off into the sunset for destinations unknown, and we hope you can attend!

Legendary exotica orchestra Tiki Joe's Ocean is the headline band of the weekend. They're debuting their first new material in a decade at our event. They're joined by Tropical Itch, Cap'n Cook's combo of old pals from Tiki Kon alumni bands The Ukadelics and Lushy. It's going to be a powerhouse showcase of Pacific Northwest tiki talent you won't find anywhere else.

General admission. Doors open at 7:30 PM.
All ages
Parental discretion advised
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Live Music
Cash Bar