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Symposium: Clippermania


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The enchantment of the South Pacific has been around for centuries but exploded to epic proportions during the 1930's when it was opened up to travelers with the introduction of the clipper flying boats. Pan American Airways made it possible to reach the remote islands of the South Pacific in a mere 5 days instead of the typical 30 days when traveling by ship. We will only be in the air for 59 hours traveling at a miraculous 180 miles per hour. Come fly with us on the luxurious Boeing 314 Pacific Clipper flying hotel from San Francisco's Treasure Island to Auckland's Mechanic's Bay, New Zealand. The presenter, Dr. Bill Clapp, will introduce us to our Pan Am pilot, Robert Ford and his crew.

Q&A moderated by Greg Clapp.

General admission, seating on a first-come basis. Wristband required.