Alma De Agave Tequila
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Alma De Agave Tequila

Alma de Agave is an estate farm produced with 100% Blue Weber agave tequila. Organically open-aired fermented with its proprietary blend of natural yeast and mineral water from the highlands of Jalisco. Naturally aged in Canadian white-oak barrels.

Our natural fermentation results in a purer and longer process without the use of any enhancers, chemicals or artificial coloring to expedite our fermentation. The agave comes from our very own plantations where our experienced 'jimadores' select the highest grade of agave, the heart and soul of a good tequila. We carefully analyze each plant, making sure they are at the best mature age, free of pesticides with perfect sugar levels.

  • Alma Tequila are 100% agave, 100% natural and 100% hand-crafted.
  • Alma tequilas are carefully and slowly distilled in small quantities of 3,000 liters at a time, providing a cleaner and finer juice than that of industrialize tequila brands.
  • Alma has introduce an ultra premium quality tequila at a valued price, giving it’s clients and consumer an alternative choice between the inexpensive well-pour tequila and the high-priced premium tequilas.
  • Eye-catching presentation: It’s distinctive design and hand crafted bottle with natural wood caps, makes it stand out from the other brands at retail shelves and on-premise bars and restaurants.

Look for Alma De Agave Tequila at the Tiki Kon event bars.