Five Just Rum bottles of different varieties sits in a bed of award medals.
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Just Rum

Just Rum's history starts with John HasBrouck inheriting a pot still from his great uncle who made his own (not good) whiskey. John had no interest in making bad whiskey but wanted to taste history. What did rum taste like before the large commercial operations took over with their giant stills, engineered yeast, and all the flavoring and sweeteners used in todays rums?

James Roberts, a longtime friend of John's, offered to help. Using near-original, unrefined products, they mixed up their first batch and waited for it to ferment. Ten days later what came out of the still was simply amazing...smooth with a multitude of natural flavor. They shared this with other friends and the overwhelming consensus was outstanding. John & James with a third friend, Greg Madsen, decided after tasting history it should be shared with the masses. They bring you Just Rum. No artificial flavors or colors. Try it and taste a piece of history.

Just Rum is currently available throughout Oregon and Washington. Find Just Rum in Oregon using the Oregon Liquor Search, or ask your local liquor store for it.

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