A bottle of Zaya Cocobana next to a delicious looking tropical cocktail in a pineapple glass with flower and lime wheel garnish.
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Zaya Rum

Zaya is a premium, dark aged rum sourced from the islands of the Caribbean. Purposely crafted with a blend of aged rums, to achieve a seductive nose of baked fruit and spiced vanilla and a smooth palate of caramel and toasted oak. Deep amber in color, the finish is profound and touched with just a hint of smoke.

“Zaya,” a name that spans multiple cultures and languages, commonly translates to “a triumphant woman.” As we’ve interpreted it, a triumphant woman is one who approaches her life with confidence and a deep sense of self. We honor this name with a self-assured rum that can hold its own when poured into a glass to be enjoyed neat or over ice, or when mixed into a cocktail to add depth and complexity to other flavors.

Look for Zaya Cocobana at the Tiki Kon event bars, in a specialty cocktail created exclusively for Tiki Kon by Hale Pele and available for neat pours or on the rocks.