Tony Starlight and the Starella Sisters

Performers and Presenters

We're proud to present a stellar lineup of talent from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Performers and presenters are displayed in alphabetical order.

Martin Cate

San Francisco, CA

Martin Cate is a rum and exotic cocktail expert and the owner and creator of Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco. Smuggler’s Cove features the largest rum selection in the United States and features cocktails from over three centuries of rum history. The Sunday Times of London called Smuggler’s Cove one of the 50 Greatest Bars on Earth.

Dr. Bill Clapp

Cocoa, FL

Bill and his wife Carol grew up in San Diego and moved to Utah for 40 years. They recently moved to Cocoa, Florida, in celebration of their 50 years of marriage. They had three wonderful children...and that even includes Greg. Dr. Bill Clapp is a retired Air Force Reserve Colonel and was a senior research scientist for Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

Don & the Quixotes

Portland, OR

Get wet and wild with Don & The Quixotes, Portland’s premiere instrumental 17th-Century-Spanish-literature-themed surf guitar party band! Featuring twangy cover songs from the 1950s-present and/or reverbed-out originals! Entertaining ages 2-92 in gold-sequined style since 2007. 

Insect Surfers

Los Angeles

2019 marks the incredible 40th anniversary of legendary Washington, D.C., new wave "techno surf" pioneers, Insect Surfers! Living up to their claim of being, "Planet Earth's longest running modern surf band," Insect Surfers continue to delight audiences around the world with their distinctive brand of eclectic guitar instrumentals, which draw inspiration from Surf, Spaghetti Western, Psychedelic Rock, late 50s raw instro, Eastern Mysticism, and Punk energy.

King Ghidora

McMinnville, OR (formerly Planet X)

King Ghidora is a masked instrumental surf trio that performs a high energy form of surf music that combines elements of rock, punk, and 90s alternative rock to create an original surf sound that the band affectionately refers to as Sonic Surf Rock.

The group originally hails from Planet X, but now reside in McMinville, OR, the location of the only known indisputable photograph of a UFO was taken in the 1950s.

Sven Kirsten

Los Angeles, CA

Sven Kirsten is widely acknowledged as the father of the Tiki Revival, inspired by the publication of his Book of Tiki in the year 2000. Since then he has published three more definitive volumes on Tiki style, bringing to light its modernism and its Hollywood aspects. He lectures and continues to write books on Tiki, advises on Tiki projects, and designs Tiki ceramics.

The Libertine Belles

Portland, OR

The Libertine Belles are a bawdy band of hot jazz-babies, a hot tomato trio banging out original songs with the solid rhythms of Prohibition-era swing...or sparkling fresh takes on old standards.

They'll be performing during the Saturday Night Gala Show featuring Tony Starlight.

Christopher and Christine Lonie

Kailua, Hawaii

Former US Naval Officers, Christopher and Christine Lonie got hooked on traveling to Pacific Islands after a two day layover on Kosrae, FSM in 2003. Completing numerous Pacific adventures, the Chris’s have participated in festivals which span the wide spectrum of oceanic cultures. They enjoy seeking out curiosities, carvings and souvenirs to display in their home Pink Plumeria Tiki Lounge.

David Marley

David “Dr. Skipper” Marley is a former Disneyland Jungle Cruise Skipper and currently teaches history at California State University, Fullerton. He is the creator of the first ever college class on the History of Disneyland. His books, Skipper Stories: True Tales from Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise, and its brand new sequel, More Skipper Stories, are the first oral histories of a Disneyland attraction.

MeduSirena Marina

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

MeduSirena is a multi-talented performer who is happiest in the water. She's been a free diver, figure swimmer, aquatic performer and showgirl since 1984, using the underwater medium to create a unique liquid-space discipline. Featured with and without finned "swim tails," Marina blends her disciplines of belly dance, burlesque, stunt/fire dancing, Exotica, and traditional Polynesian dance, doing her best to preserve this unique style of mid-century pop culture entertainment.

The Starella Sisters

Portland, OR

A vintage troupe of glamour girls that reference a glamorous bygone era when the silver screen overflowed with dancing darlings. The Starella Sisters will be performing during the Saturday Night Gala Show featuring Tony Starlight.

Teva Oriata

Portland, OR

Teva is the name of the Tahitian chief foretold to be born in rain and wind. Whereever Teva went, so did the wind and the rain. Thus, the same applies to Oregon's only Tahitian dance troupe and it's dancers; we are the Tevas, people of the calming and graceful rain yet strong and moving wind.

Teva Oriata is Portland's only authentic Tahitian dance studio, and award winning hula wahine at the 2017 Hapa Haole Hula Competition.

Tiki Lindy

"Tiki Lindy" started cooking when she was only 6 years old, where she grew up in the South. Always exhibiting passion for quality and exploration of culture through food, her career and interests led her to the San Francisco bay area. She earned her way through college, earning her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, with a variety of jobs, including running her own catering company and bartending. This led her to private events bartending and creating custom event cocktails for high end clientele, wh

Tiki tOny

Tiki tOny (Anthony Murphy) is a carver and artist based out of Ventura, California. He lives in a shack on the beach with his family and makes limited edition tiki mugs and art that can be found in Walt Disney World's and Disneyland's Trader Sam's.

Tony Starlight

Portland, OR

Tony Starlight is an entertainer and entrepreneur. He is a musician, comedian, producer and venue owner. He specializes in song parodies, impressions of pop icons and tributes to pop culture phenomena. He is the owner and operator of The Tony Starlight Showroom where he writes and performs music and comedy. Tony impersonates everyone from Dean Martin to Axl Rose, Frank Sinatra to Tom Jones, Bob Seger and Elton John to Cat Stevens, but his specialty is Neil Diamond.


Portland, OR

Traditional, hapa haole, and contemporary Hawaiian tunes. You can find Kana'iaupuni most Fridays in the Tiki Room at the Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille in SW Portland.


Portland, OR

Traditional, hapa haole, and contemporary Hawaiian tunes. You can find Kana'iaupuni most Fridays in the Tiki Room at the Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille in SW Portland.