Detail of Tiki Kon 2019 decanter by VanTiki

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We've released our remaining Tiki Kon souvenir merchandise to the general public, with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. You don't need to be a Tiki Kon guest to order.


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Tiki Kon 2019 Yearbook


The Tiki Kon 2019 Yearbook is 64 full-color pages of memories, friends and fun captured at Tiki Kon: Pageant of the Pacific. Created by Caledonia Bergeron, Chief Editor on the Tiki Kon yearbook staff, it's a delightful look back at the event through photos of local and honorary members of our Portland ohana, taken by members of our ohana. There's a good chance you're in there somewhere!

This is a pilot project by Caledonia, so only a limited number were created for this year. If there's enough interest, we can order more and consider making the 2020 edition available for pre-order next year.

Photography by Sveinn Photography and members of the community.

Price includes shipping by USPS from Oregon.

How to Order

Please contact Caledonia Bergeron to order.


Tiki Kon Voyaging Paddle Decanter by VanTiki - SOLD OUT


This year's mug isn't a mug. VanTiki has created this elegant, limited edition decanter exclusively for Tiki Kon: Pageant of the Pacific. This Tahitian inspired voyaging paddle is your passport to the Pacific and a fantastic addition to your VanTiki collection. Produced in Oregon. Stands 10" tall and holds 8 oz of your favorite top-shelf spirit. Includes cork stopper. Limited edition, numbered. Edition size: 250.

Super Limted Edition Voyaging Paddle Decanter by VanTiki - SOLD OUT


The super limited edition of the Tiki Kon Voyaging Paddle Decanter is super special, with a unique glaze and details not available in the standard edition. Only 25 were produced. They were sold using a lottery system at Tiki Kon, but not all of them were claimed. We may be able to offer the remaining decanters in our online store. Please check for availability.

Tiki Kon official screen printed poster by VanTiki - SOLD OUT


The official Tiki Kon: Pageant of the Pacific poster by VanTiki pays tribute to our Tiki origins, with symbolism from our namesake, the Kon-Tiki restaurant, and the Pageant of the Pacific murals by Miguel Covarrubias for the 1939 Golden Gate Exhibition. 4 color screen printed, 11 x 17 inches.

Glassware Gift Set - SOLD OUT


Our high quality screen printed glassware sets were designed by VanTiki exclusively for Tiki Kon: Pageant of the Pacific. This Gift Set includes 1 Mai Tai glass, 1 matching shot glass, 1 Tiki Kon coaster and 1 swizzle stick.

2019 T-Shirt


High-quality screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by VanTiki. Available in men's and women's cut. Check our online store for available sizes.


2019 Enamel Pin


Included with all weekend passes, or $10 each at the Tiki Kon Gift Shop. This high quality enamel pin is shaped like the Voyaging Paddle Decanter by VanTiki and has two pin backs for stability.


2018 Fantasy Island Poster by VanTiki


The 2018 official event poster, vailable in the Fantasy Island "romance" blue color scheme. Limited edition run of 100, 11x17 on cardstock, suitable for framing. Ships rolled. Only a few remain!

2018 Glassware Gift Set - SOLD OUT


Includes 1 Mai Tai glass, 1 matching shot glass, 1 coaster, and 1 swizzle. Choice of coaster color not available.

2018 Shot Glass, Set of 4


Our Tiki Kon: Fantasy Island Mai Tai glasses by VanTiki sold out, but we still have a handful of the "Smiles everyone, Smiles!" shot glasses left. Available in a set of 4. Includes 4 Fantasy Island coasters (choice of colors not available).

2018 Fantasy Island Enamel Pin


Show your allegiance to the living island with this high-quality enamel pin, with two pin backs for stability.