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Do you have a talk, workshop, slide show, or other presentation you'd like to give at Tiki Kon? If so, we'd like to hear from you!

Each year we present 10-12 different presentations including talks, slide shows, workshops, demonstrations, panel discussions, and other types. Time slots are typically 45-90 minutes in length, depending on the medium and subject matter. Most are presented on a general admission basis with first-come seating. Workshops that include art supplies or other materials, or presentations that have limited capacity like a rum tasting class, are typically offered as add-on tickets.

Our main symposium room seats 250 attendees, with additional space for standees. We also utilize more intimate meeting spaces for hands-on workshops, as well as our main showroom stage for high-profile presentations.

We welcome presenters of all experience levels and backgrounds, as long as the subject matter is relevant to our theme and our guests' interests.

The title of our event for 2023 is Tiki Kon: The Final Voyage. Conceptually it's a retrospective look at 20 years of Tiki Kon and the NW Tiki Crawl, and the Tiki revival in general. Visually speaking, it's a 1930's Cunard Line cruise ship sailing into the sunset. 

Why present at Tiki Kon

Speaking at our event is a great way to show off your skills and knowledge, network with Tiki aficionados from around the world, entertain and educate members of our community, and build your Tiki resume. While we don't want presentations to be blatant sales pitches, it's also an opportunity to highlight your art, book project, business, or other endeavor.

Benefits for general admission presentations include:

  • Complimentary weekend passes
  • Sales and art/book signing opportunities
  • Access to our VIP gift bags to place promotional gifts or other items
  • Lodging at our host hotel may be available in limited cases

Hands-on workshops are limited in size and require a separate ticket. Compensation for workshops and premium presentations is handled on a case-by-case basis and typically includes profit sharing from ticket sales after materials costs are covered.

Decisions about who we select and what premiums we offer are made by a committee of Tiki Kon planners and are completely subjective, based on the proposals we receive, our interest in the subject matter, and the presenter's reputation, biography, and ability to draw a crowd.

How to apply

Complete our online application and tell us about yourself and your presentation. If we like your proposal, we'll get back to you early in the new year to discuss specifics.

While we don't have a set schedule for accepting and approving proposals, we typically make decisions in late winter/early spring each year. There may even be last-minute opportunities if someone has to cancel. If all our slots are filled, we will consider proposals for next year.