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Support Tiki Kon and promote your brand!

We offer a unique opportunity to partner with us and raise your brand's profile, drive sales, and gain new customers in a fun, immersive atmosphere.

A trusted voice

With our grassroots origins and independent spirit, our endorsements are trusted by our fans and provide positive proof to new customers.

Experience and insight

The Tiki Kon team has consistently provided a high quality experience for its guests and partners. Our expertise and passion for details has earned us a sterling reputation and phenomenal growth.

Customer touchpoints

Sponsorship at Tiki Kon is so much more than just putting up some banners. We look for creative and tasteful ways to integrate sponsors into the main event, and offer a variety of unique touchpoints with our guests.

  • Product placement
  • Exhibit space
  • Hospitality suites and parties
  • Ticket giveaways
  • Sunday bar tour 

Tiki Kon is not a 501(3)(c) organization, and contributions are not directly tax-deductible as charitable gifts. However, we treat sponsorships as marketing partnerships. Your contribution is likely deductible as a marketing expense. Please consult with your tax advisor.