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Terms & Conditions

Rules, schmules! Nobody likes being told what to do, but we want to make sure everyone has a good experience and knows what to expect. We want to be fair to everyone, and we believe in transparency. You can find our various policies, terms and agreements using the links below.

Privacy Policy

We only use cookies for display purposes, if ever. However, we do collect personal information you may provide to third party websites when you buy tickets, apply to vend, enter the art show, etc. If you're worried about how that info might be used, our Privacy Policy can put you at ease.

Attendee Agreement

All attendees must agree to this waiver and code of conduct agreement when purchasing passes and tickets.

Exhibitor/Vendor Agreement

If you're a vendor or exhibitor, you'll be asked to agree to these terms when you apply.

Art Show Consignment Agreement

If you're submitting artworks to our group art show, this is what you must agree to before we can accept your application.

Room Party Guidelines

Want to host a hospitality suite or room party, or throw a party in your guest room? Learn more and sign up.