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Tiki Kon Exhibitor/Vendor Agreement

By applying to exhibit, exhibitors/vendors consent to be bound by the following agreement and terms & conditions.


In consideration for being permitted to participate at the Tiki Kon annual event as a product vendor or exhibitor, you agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless Sandy Bottom Productions LLC, the Tiki Kon event organizers and principals, and the Doubletree Hotel and its holding company, from any and all claims which may occur to you or your property property from any cause whatsoever, or any and all claims from a person(s) purchasing or evaluating your goods or services.


You agree to comply with all directions of Tiki Kon staff, including but not limited to compliance with load in/out times, observance of booth space limitations and fire codes, and removal of any products from the vending floor that are deemed offensive, disruptive, or are mis-represented in the vendor application. You agree to comply with any rules or operating procedures as Sandy Bottom Productions LLC or event staff may reasonably require for the orderly and timely setup, performance and dismantling of the vending area. You also agree to comply with hotel policies, local and state laws, and the Hold Harmless Agreement.

Tiki Kon and Sandy Bottom Productions LLC shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all rules and regulations contained in the Vendor Kit and this agreement, and the power to make such reasonable amendments thereto and such further rules and regulations as it shall consider necessary for the proper conduct of the Tiki Kon annual event. 

PRODUCT TYPE LIMITATION: You agree to offer primarily only products listed in their vendor application. Product types not listed may not comprise more than 5% of your inventory. For example, a vendor of ceramic art may also have a couple of vintage shirts they want to sell. Unless they are listed in the application, no more than 5% of the vendor’s inventory may be vintage shirts. Final determination of such shall be made by the Vendor Coordinators, and you will be asked to remove any violating inventory from the sales floor on the day of show. This is done to avoid over-saturation of product types.

CONDUCT: You agree to not defame, bring into disrepute or otherwise damage the name, goodwill or property of Tiki Kon, Sandy Bottom Productions LLC, any and all event guests, vendors, artists or sponsors. You further agree to not bring complaints of plagiarism without actionable evidence and irrefutable proof of copyright violations based on current U.S. laws, and understand that Tiki Kon is a neutral third party and neither trained in such matters nor willing to make judgements on the validity of such claims. You are expected to provide the highest levels customer service and integrity when dealing with the general public and event organizers.

APPROVAL: Applications will be approved by a panel of event organizers based on relevance, to event themes, quality, uniqueness, presentation, and history with Tiki Kon. All decisions by event coordinators are subjective and final. We reserve the right to reject vendor applications and refund fees for any reason. Payment is due by March 30 using our online payment system. Upon approval you will be sent an invoice which may be paid online. Alternate payment methods are available by request. After the payment deadline, unpaid vending spaces will be offered to the next applicant on the waitlist.

CANCELLATION: You may request cancellation until midnight on May 5 to receive a full refund. After that, cancellations are subject to a 25% service fee. Vendor fees and registration are non-refundable after June 21. 

COMPLIMENTARY ADMISSION: Each 10 x 10 Daytime Booth, Spotlight Vending, or Poolside Room Vending includes 2 complimentary Standard Weekend Passes. Mobile Vending includes 1 Standard Weekend Pass. With the exception of Poolside Room Vending, vendor is responsible for their own transportation and lodging arrangements. Vendors wishing to upgrade to Deluxe Weekend Pass must purchase that admission level when registration opens to the general public on March 15, at 6:00 p.m. PST.  After purchase, TiKi Kon will refund the value of the complimentary standard passes.