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Super Weekend Pass


This is the most all-inclusive pass we offer, and is a great value if you are interested in the full Tiki Kon experience. Includes everything but your own private island, featuring our world-famous Sunday Bar Tour, VIP Lounge presented by Hale Pele Catering, and a lovely gift bag.

As a courtesy, Super Deluxe Weekend Pass holders are invited to skip the line next year and buy their weekend passes 2 weeks before the general public. Email invitations are sent to the buyer listed in the original ticket order. This benefit is not guaranteed and is offered as a courtesy when possible.

When you purchase your pass, you will be asked to select from these options:

Meal preference

The Super Deluxe Weekend Pass includes 3 meals: the Saturday Luau, Sunday brunch, and Sunday dinner after the bar tour. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a wide range of dietary needs, but we do offer vegetarian and gluten free options. Meals are served buffet style. We use your selection to gauge how much food of each type to provide. 

  • Standard
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten free

Bar tour bus & skipper

When you order your weekend passes, you will need to select a bar tour bus. If you wish to enjoy the tour with friends, confer with them before ordering, and make sure you all select the same bus. When you check in, you will be given a button to identify which bus you are on. If you're not able to get the bus you wanted, you may trade buttons with other guests during Tiki Kon weekend.

  • Bus A - Skipper Sierra
    Sierra is the Assistant Bar Manager and Bartender at Hale Pele and co-owner of Cliff's PDX. She is one of our most popular skippers after only two tours, both of which came home safely in spite of run-ins with pirates.

  • Bus #2 - Skipper Keith [sold out]
    Also known as Elvis Hart, Keith is a Tiki Kon coordinator and a former Disneyland Jungle Cruise skipper. Keith is our most experienced skipper and almost always brings everyone back in one piece. Luckily he gets paid for the buses he takes out, not the ones he brings back.
  • Bus C - Skipper Mindy
    Mindy is former bartender at Hale Pele and currently rocking the bar at Normandie. Her bus capsized in a pool of man-eating piranha last summer, but luckily she's a woman and emerged untouched, along with roughly half the guests. The bus has been salvaged and returned to service with Mindy back at the helm.
  • Bus D - Skippers Tim & Sara
    Bus D, along with her skipper, mate, and compliment of 50 guests, was last seen in the vicinity of the Barmuda Triangle and feared lost. We have commissioned a new bus and have entrusted it to Tim and Sara, who survived their stint as skippers in 2018, which qualifies them for another go.

Bar Tour check-in

Please see the Sunday Bar Tour information page for departure times and check-in details. All guests must be checked in and on board by 10:00 a.m. Any unclaimed seats will be awarded to guests in the standby line.

Bar Tour standby seats

Occasionally guests will cancel at the last minute. We may have a few standby seats available on the morning of the tour. Details will be forthcoming on how to join the standby line, or ask your registration agent at check-in when you arrive at Tiki Kon.

Advance purchase only