Vendor Application

If you'd like to vend at Tiki Kon, please complete this form, even if you've vended in the past. This allows us to capture any new details or preferences.

If you're having problems submitting the form, try adding product images one at a time and wait until each one has finished uploading. You should see a small spinning circle under the Choose Files button while it's uploading. Or you can just submit the form without images and email them to us at
Contact Information
Your mobile phone number is preferred, in case we need to reach you on the day of show. You phone number will not be shared publicly.
Please upload a square profile photo suitable for use on the Tiki Kon website. Minimum image size is 500x500 pixels. Maximum size is 4000x4000 pixels. If the image isn't square, it'll be cropped to fit. You may also email us a photo at
This is your vendor name as it will appear in event listings on the website and mobile app. If you don't have a company or vendor name, you may use your real name instead.
Describe the products/services you're offering as a vendor or exhibitor, as you'd like it to appear in our vendor directory.
Please indicate the types of products you want to offer. This will help us ensure that booths with similar products aren't placed together, and that we don't have over-saturation of any category. Check all that apply.
If your website or Facebook/Instagram has good photos of the products you'd like to sell, you don't need to upload any more. Otherwise, please upload up to 6 product photos, minimum size 650x650. We'll shrink them down if they're too large.

If you have problems uploading the files or submitting the form with images attached, you can email them to instead.
We provide vendor badges for up to 5 team members. Badges are non-transferrable, only allow admission to the vendor hall, and must be worn at all times when accessing the area. Weekend passes must be purchased separately.
Vending Type
Please see our Vending Options page for more information about the different options and add-ons.
Booth fees include 1 table. Additional tables are $15 each, or you may bring your own.
There is no additional charge for chairs.
There is no charge for power, but outlets are limited in the vendor hall. Please only reuqest it if you need it..
Each vending booth includes 1 Standard Weekend Pass. Additional passes are available for a discount. If you want Deluxe or Super passes, purchase them when they go on sale to the public on March 15, at 6:00 PM Pacific, and we'll provide a refund for the difference.

Vendor Lunches

It may not be possible to get away for lunch, but we'll bring it to you...just enough to get you through the day. Includes a basic sandwich, chips, fruit, and bottled water. It's not fancy, and you can certainly find cheaper options, but it's hassle free, and we'll bring it right to your booth. Lunches provided by the DoubleTree.


After approval of your application, we'll send you a QuickBooks invoice by email after your application is approved. Payment is due within 30 days or your space may be forfeit.

Hold Harmless Agreement

In consideration for being permitted to participate at the Tiki Kon annual event as a product vendor or exhibitor, you agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless Sandy Bottom Productions LLC, the Tiki Kon event organizers and principals, and the Doubletree Hotel and its holding company, from any and all claims which may occur to you or your property property from any cause whatsoever, or any and all claims from a person(s) purchasing or evaluating your goods or services.


Terms & Conditions

You agree to comply with all directions of Tiki Kon staff, including but not limited to compliance with load in/out times, observance of booth space limitations and fire codes, and removal of any products from the vending floor that are deemed offensive, disruptive, or are mis-represented in the vendor application. You agree to comply with any rules or operating procedures as Sandy Bottom Productions LLC or event staff may reasonably require for the orderly and timely setup, performance and dismantling of the vending area. You also agree to comply with hotel policies, local and state laws, and the Hold Harmless Agreement.

Tiki Kon and Sandy Bottom Productions LLC shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all rules and regulations contained in the Vendor Kit and this agreement, and the power to make such reasonable amendments thereto and such further rules and regulations as it shall consider necessary for the proper conduct of the Tiki Kon annual event. 


You agree to offer primarily only products listed in your vendor application. Product types not listed may not comprise more than 5% of your inventory. For example, a vendor of ceramic art may also have a couple of vintage shirts they want to sell. Unless they are listed in the application, no more than 5% of the vendor’s inventory may be vintage shirts. Final determination of such shall be made by the Vendor Coordinators, and you will be asked to remove any violating inventory from the sales floor on the day of show. This is done to avoid over-saturation of product types.


Applications will be approved by a panel of event organizers based on relevance, to event themes, quality, uniqueness, presentation, and history with Tiki Kon. All decisions by event coordinators are subjective and final. We reserve the right to reject vendor applications and refund fees for any reason.


If you are approved as a vendor, we'll send a QuickBooks invoice which may be paid online using a bank account or credit card. Payment must be made within 30 days or your space may be forfeit. If you need additional time or an alternate payment method, please contact us at


You may request cancellation until midnight on May 5 to receive a full refund. After that, cancellations are subject to a 25% service fee. Vendor fees and weekend passes are non-refundable after June 21. 


You agree to not defame, bring into disrepute, or otherwise damage the name, goodwill, or property of Tiki Kon, Sandy Bottom Productions LLC, the DoubleTree hotel, any and all event guests, vendors, artists, or sponsors, and to handle any conflicts professionally and in private. You further agree to not bring complaints of plagiarism without actionable evidence and irrefutable proof of your copyright ownership and of violations against that copyright. You acknowledge that Tiki Kon is a neutral third party and neither trained in intellectual property law nor willing to make judgement calls on the validity of such claims unless they are irrefutable. You are expected to provide the highest levels customer service and integrity when dealing with the general public, other vendors, and event organizers.


Each approved vendor application includes 1 complimentary Standard Weekend Pass. Additional discounted passes may be requested in your application and included in your vendor fees. If you wish to attend with a Deluxe or Super Weekend Pass, you will need to purchase those when they go on sale to the general public on March 15, at 6:00 PM Pacific. After purchase, Tiki Kon will refund the difference.


Vendors are responsible for securing their own lodging at the DoubleTree. Guest rooms are available at our great group rate starting March 15. Please visit for the booking link.

Vendor Hold Harmless Agreement and Terms & Conditions version 23.0