Volunteer stamps guest passport
Photo credit: Kamala Kingsley

Volunteer Code of Conduct

We're a pretty easygoing bunch but are determined to keep our reputation for being well-organized, professional, friendly, and low-drama. We expect our volunteers to maintain those standards.

  • Using a theatre metaphor, volunteers are considered to be cast members, and areas visible to guests are considered to be "on stage." The highest levels of professionalism and customer service must be maintained when on stage.
  • There is no specific dress code, but colorful aloha wear is preferred when on stage. Please, no costumes.
  • Volunteer badges must be worn when on shift and must be presented when utilizing the volunteer merchandise discount.
  • Volunteers need to remain functional and sober during their shifts...at least as far as anyone can tell. Visibly intoxicated volunteers will be let go.
  • Never tell a guest, "I don't know." Instead say, "Let me find out," and then reach out to your shift leader or a Tiki Kon coordinator for an answer.
  • If guests become angry or disrespectful, try to de-escalate the situation and refer them to a shift leader or coordinator. As someone who is generously volunteering your time, you don't need to put up with that crap. Guests who abuse volunteers will be 86'd. We don't put up with that kind of crap. It's even in the attendee Code of Conduct.
  • Have fun!