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Sponsor Spotlight: Hale Pele & B.G. Reynolds Syrups

We put only the best in our cocktails, that's why B.G.Reynolds' Syrups is the exclusive cocktail syrup provider for Tiki Kon. The mixers can make or break a drink—don't settle for artificial flavors and high-fructose corn syrup. We don't. Our guest cocktails and bar tour drinks rely on these fine products for their quality and rich flavors. You can give them a try in their showroom, Hale Pele, Portland's best craft cocktail tiki bar...arguably the best on the West Coast!

B.G. Reynolds Syrups

Back in the day (late 90s to 2000s), every bartender was making their own stuff. Often, the syrups you needed to make classic tropical drinks were only available homemade. Or, if the stuff was available on the shelf, it was made out of artificial flavors, odd sweeteners, clouding agents, and other such nonsense. Seeing that there was an opportunity to fill this niche, B.G. Reynolds took the syrups recipes he’d been making at home and behind the bar, and decided to take them to the market shelves!

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Hale Pele

Located on NE Broadway, Hale Pele offers a list of classic exotic cocktails made with the finest ingredients and craft methods. Paired with these world class drinks is an all new robust contemporary food menu.

"Tiki bars are, of course, nothing new here. This town has long had respectable versions of the Singapore Sling-slinging Polynesian theme bars beloved in the middle of the last century. Our Trader Vic’s outpost still has the respect of most enthusiasts, and Thatch, the kitschy tiki bar that occupied Hale Pele’s location on Northeast Broadway until last year, was a serviceable homage to the works of Donn Beach and Victor Bergeron."

Willamette Week, "Bar of the Year 2013 Runner Up No. 1: Hale Pele," Martin Cizmar, April 24, 2013

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