Tiki Kon - 2012 - Ten Year Tour

In our Gift Shop, you'll find event-branded merchandise and a sneak preview from our event vendors. Purchase your Tiki Kon souvenirs on online and pick them up at the event, or shop when you get here.


Tiki Kon 2012 "Hapi Tiki" Limited Edition Commemorative Mug by Munktiki

Tiki Kon is proud to offer this exclusive, limited-edition commemorative mug by Munktiki, designed and handcrafted in their Portland studio. Numbered and limited to a run of 100.

We commissioned this beautiful mug specially for guests of Tiki Kon 2012, as a thanks for ten years of support. Now that the event is over, we are happy to ship these mugs anywhere in the U.S. Limit two per customer. Choice of color or number not available.

$75, includes shipping

Tiki Kon 2012 "Hapi Tiki" SUPER LIMITED EDITION Commemorative Mug by Munktiki

The Limited Edition mug is similar in design to the standard mug, but with a rich, brown finish. Numbered and limited to a run of 25, these mugs are super exclusive! Limit one per guest.

$125, includes shipping

Tiki Kon 2011 Commemorative Mai Tai Glasses

This beautiful, custom designed lowball glass is perfect for mai tais and nearly any tropical libation you can think of. Pick up your purchase at the event, or we can ship it to you.
$10, 15 fluid oz.

Lava Lounge Orchestra Shot Glass

These glasses celebrate the Lava Lounge Orchestra, who are headlining our Saturday night gala party. You can pick up your purchase at the event, or we can ship it to you.
$3.95 each or 4 for $12
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