Is Tiki Kon an all-ages event?

Yes and no. Some of our weekend activities, such as symposiums with alcohol or the Sunday home bar tour, are strictly 21+ only. Our nighttme performances are technically all-ages but may portray adult themes that we make no effort to censor, such as burlesque performances and blue humor. The Saturday vending hall is the one part of the weekend that we can confidently say is family friendly.

We believe Tiki Kon is best enjoyed by adults, just like a Tiki bar, and many of our guests use this event as an opportunity for a romantic, child-free weekend. If you do bring children, we ask that they be monitored at all times and well-behaved, or be taken away from the venue for a time-out if they are causing a disruption. There is no charge for babies in arms, but otherwise, all guests who attend our shows must have valid admission.


Do I have to wear a Hawaiian shirt or dress? What is the dress code?

You do not need to dress in aloha wear to attend, though the majority of our guests really get into the spirit of Tiki Kon and wear their best vintage aloha outfits. There is no dress code, but we do encourage guests to "dress up" for the Saturday evening banquet festivities at least. If you are looking to expand your Tiki-style wardrobe, there are multiple vendors in our Saturday Island Marketplace that sell vintage shirts and dresses.


Are hotel accommodations included with admission?

No. We do not bundle admission and lodging together, since some of our guests live nearby and choose to not stay at the hotel overnight. Even if you do live in the area, a room at Tiki Kon is a great way to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Room sales start the same day as ticket sales, on March 15, at 6:00 p.m.


You haven't announced any performers yet. How will I know if I want to buy tickets?

If that's your main criterion, then yes, it's a gamble to buy weekend passes before we've announced the lineup, and you should probably wait. Tickets and passes are typically available up to a few weeks before the event, except for the high-end VIP Weekend Passes, which likely sell out before we make any performer announcements. We like to think of Tiki Kon as being greater than the sum of its performers. Our guests who purchase VIP passes travel from around the world for the full-weekend experience and know they'll have a great time no matter who we book for our shows and symposiums. 


Are separate tickets available for the Sunday bar tour?

No. Due to space limitations and high demand, the Sunday bar tour is only offered as part of the VIP Weekend Pass. Please see our Tickets page for a breakdown of what's included in each package.

If the VIP passes are sold out, do you have a waiting list?

Yes! Use the link below to sign up for the waiting list. If passes become available due to cancellations, we will send you a purchase link.

Join the VIP Upgrade Waiting List »


If there are no more seats on the bar tour bus, can you tell me the locations so I can drive myself, or can I follow the bus?

No, this is strictly not allowed. Aside from the liability of allowing guests to drink and drive on our bar tour, we need to make sure we have enough provisions at each stop for our pass holders. Admission passports are required to board the bus and may be required at each stop. Thank you for your understanding.


I live in Portland and have already been to most of these home bars or know the owners. Why should I pay so much money to join the tour?

Frankly, you probably shouldn't! Unless your really want to join your out-of-town friends on one of the party buses, you should consider volunteering at one of the home bars. If you are an experienced member of the Portland Tiki ohana, and have been on the bar tour several times before, you are a perfect candidate to serve as ambassador to our new guests from around the country. It's a great way to contribute and still be a part of the party. We need volunteers to help deliver supplies to the home bars, serve as greeters and ushers, and to help serve refreshments. Contact us at volunteers@tikikon.com to sign up.

I used to attend the Tiki Kon home bar tour, but I can't afford it now that it's a deluxe, full weekend experience. What can I do?

Tiki Kon is still a fun weekendand a great value, even if you don't attend the tour! Our Standard Weekend Pass includes the Friday and Saturday night shows, Saturday symposiums, and Sunday finale party. Plus, our Island Marketplace on Saturday is free and open to the public during the day on Saturday. You'll have time to mingle with Tiki aficionados from around the country, lounge by the pool, enjoy dining at the hotel or nearby restaurants, visit our event bars, explore Hayden Island, visit some room parties, and get out to explore Portland if you're feeling adventurous.


Why don't you have a listed telephone number?

In this era of electronic communcation, telephones are an inconvenient technology, and arguably obsolete. We don't maintain an office phone because we don't maintain a business office or have anyone who can sit by the phone during business hours. Tiki Kon is a labor of love that we do in our spare time from our kitchen table. Because we all work full-time day jobs, we would not be able to repond immediately to a phone call any better than an email. Communicating by email or messages on our Facebook page allows us to work in the evenings and return messages at hours when it would not be appropriate to return a call. It also provides a built-in transcript and documentation of any issues, questions or details you might send us. If you do need to talk, just email us first, and we'll provide a phone number and a time when we're available for calls.


If you have further questions, please email us at info@tikikon.com or reach out on our Facebook page.

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