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Alibi Tiki Lounge

Opened in 1947, the Alibi is one of the oldest surviving original tiki bars in the country. It's wonderful and divey and large, with a solid food and drinks program and an excellent brunch. Karaoke in the back dining room after 9pm and for weekend brunch, but you can barely hear it at the front bar. 30 minute ride from the DoubleTree by light rail, or 8 minutes by car.

From Critiki:

The Alibi has a long history that predates tiki. It began in the late 1800s as the Chat-n-Nibble, a horse & buggy stop along a dirt road. In later days it became a tavern called Max Alibi. The third owner, Roy Ell, took over the tavern in 1947 and renamed it The Alibi. Ell had travelled to Hawaii, and is responsible for changing the decor to reflect his own Polynesian tastes. The tavern was expanded to include the restaurant in the 1950s. The Witco-inspired rails and 3D hula-girl mural were 1970s additions. In the 1980s, Ell leased The Alibi with the agreement that the decor must stay as is. From 1992 to 2017 The Alibi was run by the White family. In 2017, well-regarded local historic bar managers Marcus Archambeault and Warren Boothby took over with a light restoration and a re-focused bar and food menu, including a flaming pu-pu platter.


Portland, OR