Tiki Kon is a celebration of exotic tropical destinations and the vintage tiki bars, fashion & music they inspired

The vision for Tiki Kon comes from the highly-stylized Polynesian-themed restaurants and lounges that were popular in the decades after World War II. With that aesthetic as guide, Tiki Kon creates an elegant weekend in an intimate venue, featuring local and regional artists and performers. What began as a private home bar crawl twelve years ago has grown to become the Pacific Northwest’s swankiest weekend gathering. 

Once a dying movement relegated to kitch status, tiki culture is enjoying a bright renaissance as new artists and mixologists rediscover and reinterpret its lush appeal. New tiki-themed establishments are popping up all over, and surviving vintage ones are dusting themselves off and re-emerging, as the classic aesthetics of 1950s and 1960s tiki bars make a long-awaited comeback. 

Our goal is to give our guests the sort of weekend experience they might have enjoyed on a cruise ship or at a themed resort in the mid 20th century, complete with music, dancing, shopping, art, fashion and cocktails. At the same time, we strive to introduce them to new ideas, products and businesses that might enhance and expand their lifestyle.