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Limited Edition Tiki Mug by VanTiki & Munktiki »

Our diver made an intriguing find in the waters off VanTiki Island, in a hidden grotto near the sunken ruins offshore. These mysterious relics seem to be some sort of drinking vessel or ancient boundary marker. The diver managed to retrieve 100 of them before danger struck and the expedition had to be cut short.

Pre-Purchase Price: $75
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Super Limited Edition Tiki Mug by VanTiki & MunkTiki »

Among the relics discovered offshore were these super-rare artifacts. They are identical in size and shape to the green or blue vessels but have a different glaze, with hand-painted details. Whatever ancient civilization created such wonderful work must have been highly advanced in the art of mixology!

Pre-Purchase Price: $125
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Limited Edition Pendant by VanTiki »

A handful of these unusual tiki pendants recently washed up on VanTiki Island. We don't know much about the ancient culture that created them or what purpose they served, but they're certain to bring good luck to anyone who wears them.

Pre-Purchase Price: $20
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Mysteries of the Deep Mai Tai Glass »

Cocktails taste better in one of our exclusive Mai Tai glasses celebrating the mysteries of the deep and Tiki Kon 2014.

Pre-Purchase Price: $12
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Mysteries of the Deep Men's T-Shirt »

These high-quality men's shirts were designed and produced exclusively for Tiki Kon...and they glow in the dark!

Price: $25
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Mysteries of the Deep Women's T-Shirt »

Our glow-in-the-dark shirts are also available in women's sizes, in a fashionable baby doll cut.

Price: $25
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NOTE: All purchases must be picked up at Tiki Kon, July 12. See our Event Schedule for pick-up times and locations. Unclaimed purchases will be refunded and items re-sold ($5 service charge per item). Any remaining merchandise after Tiki Kon will be re-listed with shipping options.