Iron Tikitender Class Tickets Now on Sale

Learn from the pros in these entertaining and informative bartending and rum classes presented by B.G. Reynolds, aboard Tiki Kon Air Flight #13, Saturday, July 11.

Tickets for each class are $20 and may be purchased on our Tickets page. Limited availability at the door. Due to limited seating, these classes are not included with any of our weekend passes.

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Iron Tikitender Class: "Three of Strong," on mastering mixology, hosted by Jason Alexander

The Planters Punch is not just a lovely drink, but a roadmap for tropical drinks from Don's Beachcomber Cafe to the unique creations of today. Jason Alexander from Tacoma Cabana will provide history, theory, and lessons he's learned behind the bar for making the best custom tropical cocktails.

Saturday, July 11, 11:00 am, Quay Bar


Iron Tikitender Class: "Professional Tropical Bartending," hosted by Mindy Kucan

A master course on tropical bartending technique, hosted by Mindy Kucan of Hale Pele. Mindy will guide you through bartending tips, tools, and techniques used by the tiki bar pros, and how you can adapt them for use at home.

Saturday, July 11, 12:00 noon, Quay Bar


Iron Tikitender Class: "Rhum Rhapsodies," on the topic of rum blending, hosted by Jim Romdall and Michael Shea

Don the Beachcomber was known for his mastery not just of rum in cocktails, but in the blending of various rums to bring forth a force of flavor unheard of before then. Jim Romdall of Rumba, Seattle and Michael Shea of Rum Club, Portland, blend their own techniques and history behind the bar to discuss rum blending, and how to develop your own house rum blend.

Saturday, July 11, 12:00 noon, Quay Bar

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