Art by Erin Crane from the 2018 Tiki Kon art show
"Home Bar #1" and "Home Bar #2" by Erin Crane, from the 2018 Tiki Kon Art Show. Photo by Kamala Kingsley.

Art Show


Tiki Kon, the Pacific Northwest's tropical pop extravaganza, is accepting submissions April 1-30 for participants in our group art show. We want to exhibit and sell your work at our weekend event, at a showing that has the potential for over 1,000 highly-targeted attendees and exposure to thousands more through social media and email channels.

We seek all types and formats of original art from professional and amateur artists alike...paintings, photography, illustration, sculpture and three-dimensional art. Whatever you make that fits our theme, we want to see it.

Submissions are juried by a panel of Tiki Kon organizers, based on quality, creativity and appropriateness to the Tiki Kon themes. The judges' decisions are final.

The consignment period is 3 weeks, starting on July 5. Artworks will be on public display at Tiki Kon, July 5-7, and then offered for sale through Tiki Kon's social media channels for the duration of the consignment term, which ends on July 25, 2019.

The consignment rate is 25% on all works sold during the consignment period, or 10% for artists who are also Tiki Kon vendors and can deliver artwork in person. Artists/sellers are responsible for delivery costs, and for return shipping of unsold artworks. 

Accepted artists will be notified by May 15 May 31. Artworks must be received no later than June 21.

See the Art Show Consignment Agreement for full details:

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Accepting art show entries April 1 - May 19


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Art Show Consignment Agreement