A room party at Tiki Kon
Photo credit: Kamala Kingsley

Host a Party

So you want to host a room party...

Tiki Kon room parties are a fun way to meet people from around the world and make new friends. Whether they are planned or impromptu, we know room parties will occur, and we want to make sure that they do not disturb other guests, create a nuisance, or get anyone in trouble with the hotel. State liquor laws and hotel policies are more strict than at other Tiki events around the country, so please bear with us.

We do not occupy the whole hotel. We are not yet large enough for a full buy-out, so there will be non-Kon guests staying on property. We are working with hotel management to minimize noise impacts and may need to assign specific rooms to attendees who want to throw a party.



How to host at Tiki Kon

  1. BOOK YOUR ROOM. Use the booking link on our website to take advantage of our low group rate (tikikon.com/get-room). The hotel has a limited number of suites, but you can still host a small gathering in a standard guest room.
  2. SIGN UP. Use our online form to sign up and register your party. Only official room parties will be promoted by Tiki Kon. We may be able to offer suite upgrades to select party hosts (based on availability and party details).
  3. PLAN YOUR PARTY. How will you decorate? What food and drinks will you serve? Do you need to find volunteers to help? Is it a small, invitation-only gathering, or an official room party that's open to everyone? Who will monitor the door? There's a lot to figure out!

Types of room parties

Any gathering of 6 or more people in a guest room is considered a party by hotel security. For planning purposes, we've created 3 classifications for room parties.

Small gathering

  • Personal friends or friends of friends, invitation only
  • Not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Tiki Kon
  • If your party will go beyond 10:00 PM, please sign up so that we can assign a room away from non-Kon guests to minimize your risk

Official room party or hospitality suite

  • Open to any registered Tiki Kon guests
  • Must end by 10:00 PM and have a set start and end time
  • Does not need to be in a suite, but it's recommended
  • Hosts must check age and wristbands at the door (guests must be registered Tiki Kon attendees)
  • Officially recognized by Tiki Kon if you sign up, and promoted in the event schedule and mobile app; and hosts are welcome to post notices on the bulletin board at our information desk

After hours party

  • Any size of gathering that continues after 10:00 PM
  • Can not be officially condoned by Tiki Kon, but we understand that we can't stop you if you really want to party late
  • Public promotion is not allowed, and we will disavow all knowledge of the party; please be discrete
  • Sign up so that we can assign a room away from non-Kon guests

Quiet hours

Quiet hours at the Doubletree start at 10:00 PM, and Tiki Kon can not officially condone room parties that go beyond that time. But we know that late night parties do and will occur. We are working with the hotel to alleviate noise complaints and assign specific rooms for parties, but if you host a party during quiet hours, you do so at your own risk.

If you sign up to host a party, we will work with the hotel to assign a room that is away from non-Kon guests. We may even be able to offer an upgrade to a suite.

Promoting your party

If you're hosting an official room party or hospitality suite and want to open your door to Tiki ohana from around the world, we will be happy to promote it!

  • Social media - feel free to post on our social media feeds and invite other attendees
  • Event schedule - if you sign up to host a hospitality suite and meet the criteria, we will put you in the online schedule and the mobile app
  • Event app - guests may communicate through the Tiki Kon mobile app and post invites to parties
  • Bulletin board - located at our information desk outside the Lloyd Center Ballroom, the bulletin board is for attendees to post notices about parties, lost and found, and other community topics

Rules for official room parties

  1. BE RESPECTFUL. Room party hosts must follow all hotel policies, including but not limited to those regarding noise and nuisance, and follow the directions of hotel staff. Quiet hours start at 10:00 PM nightly. Hotel guests making too much noise after this time, or who receive noise or nuisance complaints, may be evicted if they do not heed repeated warnings from hotel staff. We know there will be parties happening no matter what, planned or impromptu, and we are working with the hotel to minimize noise impacts. However, if you host parties after 10:00 PM, you do so at your own risk and discretion.

  2. THESE ARE PRIVATE PARTIES. State law does not allow serving alcohol in public settings without a license. In order for a room party to be considered private, only personal acquaintances and registered Tiki Kon guests are allowed.

  3. CHECK WRISTBANDS. If you are allowing guests you do not know personally, you agree to verify that guests at your party are registered Tiki Kon attendees with a valid wristband before admitting them or serving alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to post someone at the door to monitor admission.

  4. DOORS CLOSED AFTER HOURS. After 10:00 PM, guest room doors must not be left or propped open. It is recommended to post someone outside the door to let guests in, or provide a phone number that guests can send text messages to for admittance. No line may form outside of guest rooms after 10:00 PM.

  5. NO ALCOHOL SALES. You may not charge for admission or charge money for drinks. However, if guests wish to leave a gratuity for great service, or to help defray the cost of decor and non-alcoholic refreshments, who are we to stop them? ;)

  6. DO NOT SERVE MINORS. Serving alcohol to minors is strictly illegal and prohibited. But you knew that already.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!