What Is Tiki Kon?

The Pacific Northwest's Polynesian-Pop Extravaganza!

Now in its 14th year, Tiki Kon is a weekend celebration of exotic tropical destinations and the Tiki bars, cocktails, art, music and fashions they inspire.

Tiki Kon gets its inspiration from the highly-stylized Polynesian-themed restaurants and lounges that were popular in the decades after World War II. Those Tiki temples ushered in a whole genre of art, fashion, architecture, music and mixology that swept the nation. It was the era of the Tiki Bar. 

As part of the resurgence of Tiki culture in the United States, Tiki Kon started with a home bar crawl between friends. It now entertains guests from the Pacific Northwest and across North America. It has grown to become an exciting weekend gathering for fans of Tiki bars, vintage travel, fashion, live entertainment, classic cocktails and socializing. The event also features vending, symposiums, cocktail classes, fashion show, luau-style banquet and more. The finale is the Tiki Kon home bar tour—it’s the longest-running bar crawl of its kind!

Tiki Kon is operated by Sandy Bottom Productions LLC, Portland, Oregon, and produced by Greg Clapp and Justin DuPré since 2013. The event was previously produced by NW Tiki LLC.