Press Credentials Application

Each year Tiki Kon issues a limited number of press passes to journalists and bloggers for the purpose of covering the event in their respective publications and/or shows. There is no fee or admission charge for credentials.

What a Tiki Kon press pass allows:

  • Access for the credentailed person(s) to all areas of Tiki Kon normally accessible to guests who have purchased admission, or which are listed on the official Schedule of Events
  • Publication rights to photographs or time based media captured at Tiki Kon, with some limitations

What a press pass does not include/allow:

  • Catered meals or merchandise included with certain paid admission levels
  • Access to backstage areas such as dressing rooms or storage areas
  • Access to performance/presenter spaces when not open to guests, such as during setup and teardown
  • Access for any persons not specifically named in the press credentials application; badges must be visible at all times
  • Seating that might normally be taken by paying guests if no other seating is available; in other words, paying guests get priority for seats
  • Seats on the Sunday bar tour buses; however, access to the individual bar tour stops is typically allowed
  • Blocking sightlines or otherwise negatively impacting the guest experience for paying guests
  • Selling any images or time based media captured at Tiki Kon or using them for commecial purposes

Other rules and requirements:

  • You agree to allow Tiki Kon to republish any photographs or time based media you capture at Tiki Kon for the purpose of promoting the event, and agree to provide high-resolution digital copies upon request
  • You agree to either provide pre-publication proofing copies of all publications that include media captured at Tiki Kon, or to immediately retract or correct any typos, misspellings, or incorrect statements upon request.
A mobile number is preferred in case we need to reach you while you are at Tiki Kon.
Please provide the main website URL of your organization, or other link where we can see samples of your work.
You may put one additional person on your press pass. This person must be a co-host, assistant, or photographer. You may use a pseudonym.

Press Credentials Agreement

In consideration of being granted media and press coverage credentials (“Credentials”) for access to Tiki Kon (“Event”), the undersigned individual(s) (“Agent”) on behalf of herself/himself and the organization, media outlet, or publication represented (the “Agency”) hereby enters into this agreement (“Agreement”) with Sandy Bottom Productions LLC (“Management”). 

For the purposes of this agreement, the term “Agent” refers to the accredited individual, plus up to one additional (1) photographer, assistant, co-host, or technical crew member, also undersigned below. All the terms of the Agreement apply to all undersigned.

  1. CREDENTIALS. Event Management will provide to Agent the credentials necessary to access Event for the purposes of media, press, and/or editorial coverage of Event. 
    1. Accreditation criteria is determined, and Agents are approved, at the sole discretion of Management.
    2. Credentials are non-transferrable and may not be sold, donated or tranferred to any third party at any time. 
    3. Credentials may be revoked at any time by Managemnet with or without cause, and Management shall have no liability to Agent or Agency should Credentials be revoked. 
    4. Agent will receive an event press badge that must bear Agent’s name and Agency name and be worn and visible while accessing Event under the terms of this Agreement. If a second Agent is present, both must wear badges and sign this Agreement.
  2. TERM. Credentials are valid only for the upcoming Event in the calendar year in which the Agreement was enacted. The obligations contained in this Agreement will automatically terminate after five (5) years from the date on which Agreement was enacted, except for intellectual property rights, the term and scope of which are goverend by U.S. law.
  3. ACCESS. Agent shall be granted access to all areas of Tiki Kon that are normally accessible to Event guests who have purchased admission, or that appear on the official Schedule of Events displayed on the Event website or printed event programs, unless noted otherwise in this Agreement (see ACCESS LIMITATIONS). Credentials and access shall be provided at no charge to Agent or Agency. Unofficial hospitality suites, private parties, or any event or activity not listed in the schedule are not covered by this Agreement, and access may be granted solely at the host’s discretion.
  4. ACCESS LIMITATIONS. Management’s primary objective is the safety, comfort and enjoyment of Event guests. Access to Event is provided to Agent with the understanding that their activities may not infringe on this objective. Access exclusions include the following cases, unless express written permission is provided by Tiki Kon management. For the purposes of this Agreement, written permission may include electronic messages such as email or text messages.
    1. Agent must be 21 years of age or older to receive credentials and access Event.
    2. Agent must not displace ticketed guests at shows or activities that are sold out unless all ticketed guests who want seats are seated.
    3. Agent may attend but may not partake in any meals provided to guests without paid admission or express permission of Management.
    4. Agent may not occupy seats on the Sunday Bar Tour without paid admission. Agent may visit tour locations but must provide own transportation. Tiki Kon managment will provide location details on the morning of the tour. Agent agrees to keep location details.
    5. Agent may not occupy seats at the Thursday Night Hale Pele Mug Release Party, unless all ticketed guests who want seats have been seated.
    6. Agent may not take still photographs or make time-based media recordings in backstage areas.
    7. Interviews of certain guests, directors, and volunteers may be scheduled with Management by Agent, but cannot be guaranteed.
  5. CONDUCT. 
    1. Agent agrees to conduct himself or herself in a professional manner and in the spirit of the Event and Event themes. 
    2. Agent may set up tripods, stands, etc., inside Event venues as long as they do not impede pedestrian traffic, block doorways, or cause any safety concerns.
    3. Agent may not impede guest access to public areas. 
    4. Agent may not substantially block guest views of performances, exhibits and displays.
    5. Credentials and access are only valid for the person listed on press badges; unauthorized guests may not accompany Agent into restricted or controlled areas without appropriate admission media.
  6. ACCURACY. Agent agrees to correct any factually incorrect information in Agent’s media, press, and/or editorial coverage, or in any graphics or time-based media created by Agent, upon notification of inaccuracy by Management. Agent is encouraged to use the official Schedule of Events and content on Event website as a reference for names and spelling of performers, artists, presenters, vendors and other entities associated with Event, and to provide proofing copies to Management prior to publication.
  7. USE OF MEDIA. In relation to all still photography and time-based recordings captured relating to Event (“Media”), Agent agrees to the following in perpetuity:
    1. When publishing, distributing, displaying or otherwise using Media, Agent will refer to “Tiki Kon” and provide a working Internet link or otherwise display the Event URL (i.e., or provide a link to one of Event’s social media account.
    2. Agent will not use, publish, distribute or display Media for commercial purposes, profit or financial gain, nor will Agent or Agency will use, publish, transfer, or distribute Media except for purposes of media, press, and/or editorial coverage of Event, unless otherwise expressly authorized by Management and any associated copyright holder.
    3. Agent will provide Management with a copy of, or an Internet link to, any article, post, or other content containing the Media, by submitting it to
    4. Agent agrees to provide Management with high-resolution copies of Media upon request and in a timely manner.  
    5. Agent agrees and grants to Management the transferable right to use Media for promotional or historical documentation purposes, including exhibition, publication in print or online, public relations, and advertising, without any limitation, compensation or any consideration other than receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. In such use, Management will give credit to Agent and Agency when practical, but it is not guaranteed.
  8. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Nothing in this Agreement authorizes Agent or Agency to violate any trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of rights of Management, or of Event performers, artists, presenters, vendors and other entities associated with Event.
  9. HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT. Agent and Agency agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless Management, Event organizers and principals, and the DoubleTree Hotel and its holding company, from any and all claims which may occur to Agent or Agent’s property while accessing the Event while using press credentials, use of Event venues, intellectual property licensing violations or copyright infringement, or act, error or omission except where such claims, losses, causes of action, judgements, damages or expenses result soley from the negligent acts or omission or willful misconduct of Management.

By submitting this application, accepting the Event Credential, and attending the Event, Agent agrees for himself/herself and for the Agency that he/she has read this Agreement, that he/she understands the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and that he/she agrees to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.