Colorfully dressed guests parade around the swimming pool at the Bananas for Cabanas and Crazy for Caftans meetup.
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Frequently Asked Questions


General Event Info


Is Tiki Kon an all-ages event?

Yes and no. Some of our activities, such as symposiums where alcohol is served or the Sunday home bar tour, are strictly 21+ only. Our nighttime performances are technically all-ages but may portray adult themes that we make no effort to censor. Events and activities that are strictly 21+ are noted in our Schedule of Events.

We believe Tiki Kon is best enjoyed by adults, just like a Tiki bar or cocktail party. If you do bring minors where allowed, we ask that they be monitored at all times and well-behaved, or given a time-out if they are causing a disruption. All guests who attend our shows and occupy space in the event venues must have valid admission.

Is there a dress code?

There is no strict dress code, but we do request that you dress for the occasion. Tiki Kon is a festive, themed event, and we want to give our guests an immersive experience. There's no better way to get into the spirit of vintage tiki than to dress the part.

The Friday Night Surf & Turf Show is casual, but you'll still find many guests in their best vintage aloha wear or even suits and dresses.

The Saturday Banquet is a luau atmosphere. Festive aloha wear or evening wear is encouraged.

Saturday Night Show is more formal, and vintage evening wear is encouraged to fit the theme. Aloha wear is also acceptable. You won't get kicked out for not dressing up, but if you do dress up, you'll feel great and fit right in!

Daytime activities such as vending and symposiums are casual, come as you are.

Tiki Kon is too expensive!

That's not a question, but we'll answer it anyway. We have made Tiki Kon as inexpensive as we can considering the cost of hosting it at a convention hotel and ever-increasing inflation, especially after the pandemic. All of our packages offer an uncompromising value when you add up everything they include, and we offer different pass levels for different budgets, starting at $125 for a standard weekend pass. If it's still out of your price range, we have volunteer opportunities that will get you in the door. Learn more about volunteering.

Can I attend just the Sunday Bar Tour?

Unfortunately, no. The bar tour is only included with the Super Deluxe Weekend Pass, which is a great value considering all the shows, meals, merchandise, and more that it includes.

Can I self drive to bar tour locations?

Again, no. This is strictly not allowed. Aside from the liability of allowing guests to drink and drive on our bar tour, we need to make sure we have enough provisions at each stop for our pass holders. Admission wristbands are required to board the bus and are required at each stop.

Why don't you have a listed telephone number?

We don't have a public phone number because we work day jobs and don't maintain a business office. Tiki Kon is a labor of love that we do in our spare time from our kitchen table, and we are not able to respond immediately to a phone call. Communicating by email or social media allows us to work in the evenings and return messages after hours when it would not be appropriate to call. If you do need to talk, email us first, and we'll provide a phone number make time to receive your call.




What is the refund policy?

Tickets are refundable until 1 week before Tiki Kon, no questions asked. To request a refund, email us at or request it through Eventbrite. Eventbrite fees are non-refundable. That's their policy, not ours, and we don't like it either.

If something happens at the last minute and you can't attend, you may sell your ticket at face value. However, we're very strict about flipping and scalping tickets. If we find out that you've sold your pass(es) above face value, they'll be invalidated with no refund, and you'll be responsible for compensating the buyer for their losses. 

Are hotel accommodations included with admission?

No. We do not bundle admission and lodging together, since some of our guests live nearby and choose to not stay at the hotel overnight. Even if you do live in the area, a room at Tiki Kon is a great way to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Room sales start the same day as ticket sales, on March 15, at 6:00 p.m. Find our special group rate booking link on the Hotel page.

Do you have a waitlist for tickets?

Yes, when tickets go on sale, we'll also release waitlist tickets. You can join the waitlist by snagging one of these tickets. If passes become available due to cancellations, we'll send an email to all members of the waitlist, and the passes will be sold on a first-come basis. We'll send the notifications either at 10:00 AM or 7:00 PM Pacific, so make sure to keep an eye on your email during those times!

Will I have time to attend all shows and symposiums?

All of our weekend passes allow admission to any of our general admission shows, symposiums and panels, but it's not possible to do it all. Due to timing and capacity issues, we expect guests to attend 2-4 symposiums/panels. They are seated on a first-come basis, and we may clear the room after each one to ensure more guests get a chance to attend. We suggest selecting a couple favorites from the schedule and arriving early to get in line for a seat. Saving seats is not permitted; all members of your party must be present when entering the symposium rooms.




What is the parking situation?

The DoubleTree is offering on-site parking for $10/day to event attendees (regular $27/day). This is by far the best parking deal in the area. There is also street parking around the hotel, which is free after 6:00 p.m. If you will be drinking, we suggest taking the light rail, bus, or taxi/ride share.

What are the local transit options?

The DoubleTree is served by the MAX light rail, with 3 different lines stopping less than a block from the hotel. The Red Line train will take you door-to-door from PDX airport for just $2.50 each way. There are also numerous bus lines that service the area. Please visit the TriMet website for more information, or use the transit option in Apple or Google Maps.

Is food served at Tiki Kon?

The Deluxe and Super Deluxe passes include some buffet style meals, but food is not available otherwise at our event bars during shows. However, the hotel has a very good restaurant, and there are numerous dining and grocery options within walking distance.

What dietary restrictions do you support?

For meals included with Deluxe and Super Deluxe weekend passes, we also offer vegetarian and gluten free menu items as an alternative. You will be asked your meal preference when you purchase tickets, so that we can plan on having enough for everyone. Unfortunately, we are not able to support all dietary restrictions.

If you are uncertain whether your needs will be met, there are lots of dining options in the Lloyd Center area, including a great on-site restaurant. As soon as we know the full buffet menu, we will post it on our website. View the event page and dinner menu

What amenities are nearby?

Tiki Kon is held in the busy Lloyd Center district, with shopping, coffee, restaurants, and grocery and liquor stores within easy walking distance. Also, Hale Pele and Rum Club are a 20-25 minute walk away. Please check with the hotel concierge or consult Apple or Google Maps for nearby options. See our Local Guide for our favorite local spots.