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Photo credit: Kamala Kingsley

MeduSirena Marina

MeduSirena is a multi-talented performer who is happiest in the water. She's been a free diver, figure swimmer, aquatic performer and showgirl since 1984, using the underwater medium to create a unique liquid-space discipline. Featured with and without finned "swim tails," Marina blends her disciplines of belly dance, burlesque, stunt/fire dancing, Exotica, and traditional Polynesian dance, doing her best to preserve this unique style of mid-century pop culture entertainment. She is also a founding member and performer with Ronin Taiko since 2006, and a second-generation photographer specializing in glamour/pinup photography. Marina is one of the last subjects to have been photographed by the inimitable Bunny Yeager, who was one of her great influences in shooting the female form, in early 2014.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL