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Paradise of Samoa Polynesian Dance Troupe

Paradise of Samoa

Paradise of Samoa Polynesian Dance Troupe is a non-profit school of dance located in Salem, Oregon, specializing in original Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Maori, Hawaiian and Tahitian dances. The troupe is the vision of Tuaopepe Tasi Keener, a Samoan dancer born and raised in the Independent State of Samoa. Ms. Keener moved to Oregon in 1999 and became active with the small Samoan community in and around Salem, Oregon. She saw that most of the Samoan Community, especially  the young people, were having difficulty in learning and maintaining aspects of the unique culture of Samoa, particularly in the area of the arts and language.  Many of the kids had never been to Samoa, and were unfamiliar with the culture and dance from their native islands.

With her training in the Samoan arts and dance, Tasi began working with the Samoan Club of the Willamette Valley as the choreographer of Samoan dance and entertainment, and developed several community events and activities in order to illustrate the Samoan Culture.  As a result of this, participants quickly began growing in number, and Tasi developed a large number of new routines, dances, and original music and she organized  a studio in her home.  Tasi's  family has been an instrumental part of the shows and four daughters and one son have performed and train with her. Over the years, many non-Pacific Islanders have participated and performed, as participation is open to all young people with willingness  and commitment to learn.  All costuming is original and handmade.

Paradise of Samoa is comprised of trained dancers and entertainers. The full show consists of a tour of the Pacific Islands, including Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Tahitian, Maori and Hawaiian Dance, with traditional costumes and narration.

Salem, Oregon