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TALK // Destination Unknown: Using Immersive Effects and Storylines to Enhance Your Personal Paradise

Damien Montanile

Friday, July 31, 1:30 -
Pacific Northwest Ballroom

Do you obsess.…err….passionately strive for new and exciting ideas to elevate the theme of your home Tiki bar, lounge, or personal space? Are you looking to provide an interactive or more immersive experience for you and your guests, but have difficulties knowing just where to start? Join Damien Montanile, as he deep dives “beyond the booze” in order to demystify the tricks and tools of the trade, and share some of the history, techniques, applications, and ideas in use by feature film and theme park industries that can be applied to your home paradise as well!   

In this symposium, you’ll be fully immersed in the creative process – exploring environmental elements and considerations that go beyond just the five basic senses. You’ll gain valuable insight for the application of:

  • Basic concepts and considerations to get you started
  • Storyline development
  • Planning phase and design
  • Audio and visual effects design
  • Lighting design and considerations.
  • Animatronic basics and how to design your own
  • Bringing your creation to life without learning a new language
  • Protocol and Networking fundamentals

In addition to the above topics, you’ll also learn about some great resources to assist you as you go, including where to buy parts and materials, where to continue learning more advanced concepts, and coping and dealing with the pitfalls and obstacles along your journey.   You’ll also find out why some of the best effects DON’T REQUIRE servos, actuators and circuit boards! This symposium is geared to both the inexperienced beginner as well as experienced “makers”, to get you started and exploring the many paths that await you. This one is sure to be talked about for months to come!

General admission, seating on a first-come basis. Wristband required.