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TALK // Sugar and Spice

Tiki Kon's own Craig "Colonel Tiki" Hermann will take you through a exiting trip of world history, geography and the the ethnobotany of Sugar & Spice. See how ancient Austronesians fostered and spread the use of sugar and spices throughout their domain. Hear how the ethnobotanical diffusion and resulting financial value drove certain civilizations to ruin and enabled other nations' global power. Feel how ancient flavor combinations are intertwined in the fate of Sugar & Spice as they travel each way 'round the world to collide in the west coast's culinary infusions that brought us Donn Beach, and the tiki drinks of his master bartenders. Touch and smell the whole spices on display with new-found context and appreciation. Cocktail examples, both old and new recipes will be discussed and shared.

General admission, seating on a first-come basis. Wristband required.
All ages
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