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Super/Deluxe Weekend Pass WAITLIST

Join the waitlist by snagging one of our waitlist tickets. We're doing it a little different this year. If passes become available due to cancellations, we'll relist them and immediately send an email to all members of the waitlist, and the passes will be sold to the first person who snags them. Tickets will be relisted at approximately 11:00 AM or 7:00 PM Pacific on the day they're released, and they'll be gone instantly, so make sure to keep an eye on your email during those times! Due to how the Eventbrite mail server works, we can't predict the exact time they email will be sent once they're queued.

Your best chance of success is to buy the new passes immediately, then request a refund for your older passes. Just remember that the Eventbrite fees on your initial purchase are non-refundable. It's possible to upgrade your passes and avoid the fees, but it's not as fast, and you might miss the passes you want. Learn more about Eventbrite ticket transfers.

Waitlist only, not valid for admission