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Tiki Joe's Ocean

At last! Returning to the stage (and with a NEW album!)...the mighty Tiki Joe's Ocean! Among the most celebrated 21st-century Exotica bands in the world, it is indeed a rare event to experience TJO performing live, and they're thrilled to do so in celebration of Tiki Kon's final voyage.

Following the reception of the Best Exotica Album nomination for the 2009 debut, "The Exoticating Waves of Tiki Joe's Ocean," written and performed by TJO founder, composer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Nazzal, Andy co-assembled one "Exotica Supergroup" with the likes of Arthur Lyman's great-nephew Alika, France's Jimmy Virani and Tiki icons Squid and Mark (Marty Lush) Riddle, releasing the eventual winner for Best Exotica Album, "Under the Midnight Sun" at the 2010 Hawaii Music Awards. In addition to this rare Portland performance, TJO is releasing their first new collection of songs in over 10 years, featuring Andy's multi-instrumentalist/composer son, Sammy. And so Tiki Kon friends, you're invited to be sonic witnesses for an entertaining evening of uniquely deep ~Exotica~Latin~Lounge~ sounds. DIVE into Tiki Joe's Ocean! 

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