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How to Host a Room Party at Tiki Kon

Tiki Kon does not have an organized room crawl with a published list of room parties, but attendees are welcome to host parties on an unofficial, speakeasy basis. Please bear in mind that local laws and hotel policies are more strict than at other tiki events, and we don't occupy 100% of the hotel. Please follow these guidelines to not disturb outside guests and keep everyone out of hot water.

Decide who's invited

It's entirely up to you who to invite to your room party. It can be a private affair for a select group of friends, open to all attendees, or somewhere in-between. What happens in your guest room is your business, not ours. 

Book a room

Use the booking link on our website to take advantage of our low group rate ( The hotel has a limited number of suites, but you can still host a small gathering in a standard guest room.

Sign up to host

Use our online form to register your party. This step is important because it lets us assign you a room that is less likely to bother your neighbors if the party goes late. If you sign up to host, we may be able to offer you a Governor suite or poolside suite at our regular deluxe king room rate, depending on availability.


We encourage you to decorate your room and balcony, but please leave no trace. Decorations may only be affixed to surfaces if they don't leave a hole or mark. Pins, tacks, staples, etc. are not allowed and may result in a fee for repairs. Putty is also not allowed, as it may stain or discolor paint and wallpaper. Blue masking tape and products like 3M Command Strips are okay. To make more space, the hotel will remove furniture for a price. Please contact the DoubleTree directly.

Food and drinks

It's not a room party without refreshments, and you're welcome to serve whatever you like, with a few caveats. At no time may minors be served alcohol. Tips for service may be accepted, but you may not charge money for drinks or admission. Open flames and cooking appliances are not allowed in guest rooms. Please check the official hotel policies for other limitations.


If your party is more than a handful of friends, it's advisable to have a volunteer monitor the door. We suggest not allowing minors, checking wristbands for entry, and limiting admission to prevent overcrowding.

Quiet hours

The hotel's quiet hours start at 10:00 pm, and guest room doors must be securely closed and not propped open after that time. If you plan to have late guests, it's essential to register your room party so we can assign you a room that won't disturb other guests. We may even be able to offer a Governor suite or poolside suite at our low group rate, depending on availability. 

Promoting your party

Tiki Kon does not promote individual room parties, which are treated like speakeasies. Parties may be announced by alternate methods, like word of mouth, flyers around the hotel, or in the chat room of the mobile app, as long as they do not go past 10:00 pm.

If you'd like to host a hospitality suite, get listed in the Tiki Kon schedule of events, and be promoted through official channels, please contact us about sponsoring a suite. Learn more on in our Sponsorship guide.

Be safe and have fun!

Guests are responsible for anything that occurs in their rooms, so please be both a good guest and a good host, observe the rules, drink responsibly, and follow the directions of hotel staff. And most of all, have fun!