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Vendor FAQs

What is vending at Tiki Kon like?

Booth vending at Tiki Kon is a single-day, high-energy event. Unlike many other Tiki conferences, our vending hall is only open one day, Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Our unique single-day format allows our vendors to maximize their selling time, and then relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Limited vending hours create a sense of urgency for shoppers, and guests tend to shop more impulsively when they see something that catches their eye, since they can't think about it and return the next day. Many of our vendors report their best sales ever at Tiki Kon, even over multi-day vending events.

Spotlight vending is located in our reception lobby. That's the area right outside of our main showroom, where our check-in desk, gift shop, and lounge are located. Spotlight vendors are invited to be open all day Friday and Saturday in this high-traffic location.

We do our best to make vending with us easy, and to provide all the information you need for success. Please make sure to fully read the materials we send by email.

What is the date and time for vending?

Booth vending is one day, Saturday, July 1st, 2023, 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

Spotlight vendors located in the main hotel are invited to be open Friday and Saturday, from 10:00 AM until late as desired. The evening shows end at 10:00 PM, and there will be lots of foot traffic throughout the evening.

Is the vending area indoors or outdoors?

All vending is indoors.

Booth vendors are in the hotel’s Exhibit Hall, which is detached from the main building, across the drive from the hotel’s main entrance. The space is not air conditioned. On particularly hot days, fans will be brought in by hotel staff.

Spotlight vendors are located in the reception lobby outside the main Tiki Kon showroom (Lloyd Center Ballroom). This is the hub of Tiki Kon throughout the weekend, where guests can find the check-in desk, gift shop, Tiki Kon Tiki Lounge and Art Show, and seating area.

When is load-in?

Spotlight vendors should load in either Thursday after 4:00 PM, or Friday morning 8:00-10:00 AM. Recommended opening time is 10:00 AM on Friday. This is when event check-in opens, and a day before the main vending hall opens.

Booth vendors have an early load-in opportunity on Friday, 2:00-6:00 PM in the Exhibit Hall. Main load-in is Saturday 8:00-10:00 AM, and the hall opens to the public at 10:00 AM.

Coffee and pastry service will be provided to vendors in the Exhibit Hall during Saturday load-in, while supplies last.

More detailed load-in instructions, timing, and maps will be provided 2-3 weeks before show day. This will include where to pull in and park, and which entrance to use.

When will the vendor map be available?

A vendor map and directory will be provided 2-3 weeks before show day. It will also be posted on the Tiki Kon website. Booth spaces will be taped off before vendors arrive.

Will food be available for vendors?

Food service is limited at the hotel during Tiki Kon. The re is a breakfast restaurant, and a  coffee stand in the lobby provides grab and go offerings during the day. The hotel restaurant opens at 5:00 PM but is typically so busy during events that it’s difficult to get orders in ai timely manner.

When you filled out your vendor application, there was an opportunity to pre-order lunches for Saturday in the vending hall and pay for it with your vendor fees. This option is only available before vendor fees are paid. If you missed it, we recommend bringing some hearty snacks or packing a lunch. Unless you wish to close your booth for an extended period, you may not be able to get away long enough to get offsite for lunch.

Please see our Dining at Tiki Kon page for more information on dining options.

What if I need to take a break from my booth?

We will have volunteer relief staff making the rounds of the vending hall from 11:00 to 3:00 PM. They’ll watch your booth for up to 15 minutes, in case you need to step away for more than a moment. You can choose to have the volunteer make sales while you’re away, or simply keep an eye on your booth while you’re temporarily closed.

Restrooms are located right inside the hotel’s main entrance, to the right of the front desk. 

Is admission to Tiki Kon included in my booth fees?

Each booth includes one Standard Weekend Pass. If you need additional passes for your crew, they’ll need to be purchased separately. When you filled out your vendor application, there was an opportunity to purchase additional weekend passes at a discount and pay for them with your vendor fees. If you missed that opportunity, you’ll need to purchase passes using the link on our website:

Weekend pass sales end June 22, at 10:00 AM, and there’s no guarantee they won’t sell out before then, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Do I need a special vendor badge?

Yes, for free in and out access to the vendor hall, you’ll need a vendor badge with your name written on it. These will be distributed by the Vending Coordinator during load-in based on the number you specified in your vendor application. Badges are only valid for entry to the vendor hall. They cannot be used to access other areas of Tiki Kon that require a wristband.

What if I need to cancel at the last minute?

You may request cancellation until midnight on May 5 to receive a full refund. After that, cancellations are subject to a 25% service fee. Vendor fees and weekend passes are non-refundable after June 21. Contact us at to request cancellation and a refund.

What if I have questions or need help?

Before Tiki Kon, you can reach us at On show day, we'll have limited access to email, but we'll make sure you're introduced to our on-site Vending Coordinator and know how to reach them if issues or questions arise. You may also ask any volunteer for assistance (they'll be wearing VOLUNTEER badges). If they can't help you, they'll find someone who can.