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Vending Options & Pricing

Vending Options

Saturday Booth - $195/$295/$395

Located in our main vending hall, where attendees start lining up long before doors open, you'll get a rush of shoppers all day long. Includes morning coffee and pastry service the morning of the show. 10:00 - 4:30 PM, Saturday only. Numerous spots available.

Spotlight Vending (all weekend) - $465

Set up your display in a valuable, high-traffic spot and vend all weekend. Prime locations are available in the busy registration lobby right outside our main showroom, outside the symposium room, and in our art show and lounge. Placement of spotlight vendors is at the vendor coordinators' discretion. Friday/Saturday/Sunday, any time. 4 spots available.

Mobile Vending (all weekend) - $175

Work the crowd with a tray or small trolley, and roam the event all weekend or choose a location to set up shop. Friday/Saturday/Sunday, any time. 4 spots available.

Poolside Vending Suite (all weekend) - $1495

Vend from your own room party all weekend in your own executive suite with a small lanai that opens directly onto the pool area. Includes 3 nights lodging in the suite. Friday/Saturday/Sunday, any time. 3 spots available.


Wireless Internet - no charge

Chairs - no charge

Tables - includes 1, additional $15/ea

Each Saturday booth, spotlight vending space, and poolside vending suite includes 1 table. Additional tables may be requested, or you may bring your own.

Lunches - $15/ea

Saturday vending can be highly rewarding but also stressful. It may not be possible to get away for lunch, but we'll bring it to you...just enough to get you through the day. Includes a basic sandwich, chips and bottled water. Vegetarian and gluten-free lunches also available. Lunches provided by the DoubleTree.